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What's that you say?  You can't make it to Las Vegas to see Northwest Sound on the stage at the Axis Theater?  You're in luck, there is another option and it won't cost you nearly so much as airfare to Vegas!  The contest is being streamed live at very reasonable rates.  Browse to for more information, to test your video player, and to sign up for Live Stream coverage.  We hope to see you there either in person or virtually.

The “Who’s on first?” buttons are in!  The buttons promote our appearance at the upcoming International convention and contest in Las Vegas, where we will be the first chorus to compete.  You won't want to miss it!

Thanks to the team who originated the idea and provided design guidance and encouragement.  In no particular order they were: Bill Hickman, Dan Keating, Rob Mitchell, Joe Hage, John Ludeman, Kendall Williams, Ken Potter, and Ira Allen.  Special thanks to Rob Mitchell for locating the original art for the Northwest Sound logo in its 1997 file format and Randy Forgaard for technical and artistic design, being able to create modern files from the obsolete originals, and knowing the best place to get buttons made.

We've had a lot of fun over the years, performing on the main stage at the Bellevue Strawberry Festival (pictured is our 2016 appearance).  We've seen lovely sunny days and days so stormy it blew over canopies all over the park.  The weather looks ideal this weekend so come and see us perform at 1:30pm on Sunday or just stop by our booth and sing a tag with chorus members and assorted others who might be gathered round enjoying the visitors.  At Crossroads park, Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm.  See the Festival web site for additional information.

For the second week of the Spring Sing program, the chorus was joined by the current class of 26 Spring Singers making for about 70 men on the risers.  After warmups for the combined chorus, the Spring Singers departed for their group instruction with Seattle Seachordsmen director Ted Chamberlain.  An hour later they rejoined the chorus for joint work with Kenny on No More Sorrow, Bye-Bye Blues, and Lost in the Stars as we prepare them for the upcoming Spring Shows on June 10th. The show will feature the Spring Singers as well as guest quartets Wink, Ripchord and 4.0 in a new program we call Music First!

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