Northwest Sound Chorus Members

Clarence joined Northwest Sound Chorus in 2014 but isn’t new to barbershop singing.  He sang in a college quartet in the 1960s and...


Always be careful at the senior center, or you might just get conscripted. This is precisely what happened to our friend Corey Dries...


Every once in a while, a new chorus member joins a barbershop chapter and makes an immediate impact, not just on his section or even...


Assistant Bass Section Leader

Matt Picioccio lives the dream. He has a wonderful wife, a house full of cats, got his dream job working on video games right out of...


Assistant Lead Section Leader

James is a longtime barbershopper, and music and barbershop run in his family....


Baritone Section Lead

EVG Hall of Fame Member, Chorus Manager

This week, all of us left-footed riser guys, can get better acquainted with our twinkle-toed choreo-master Kendall Williams.



Head Riser Wrangler

In music as in farming, the time between sowing and reaping can be long. In the...


Immediate Past President

Let’s get to know our former chapter president, Bob Thomas.

Bob is a...


Lead Section Leader