Leadership Team

Some of our biggest contributors

Hiko is short for Hikojiro. Hiko has been a member since 2007 of the ...


Roberto moved up to the Seattle area from his native Mexico in 2013 to work at Microsoft as a software engineer and of course to enjoy...


Assistant Lead Section Leader

Say hello to Paul Renhard.  You will see, and hear, Paul blowing the pitches for songs during rehearsals and performances.  This takes a...


Baritone Section Leader

Barbershop is in Sean Kelly’s blood. When he was nine or ten years old his dad got him started with Northwest Sound. His dad would bring...


ECS Board Laison

ECS Membership Team Laison

EVG Hall of Fame Member, Chorus Manager

This week, all of us left-footed riser guys, can get better acquainted with our twinkle-toed choreo-master Kendall Williams.



Immediate Past President

Lead Section Leader

James is a longtime barbershopper, and music and barbershop run in his family....