Dan Keating

Tenor Section Leader

Please meet one of Northwest Sound’s principle go-to guys: Dan Keating. If it is true with us, like many organizations, where 80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the members, then our man Dan is a definite 20 percenter.

Born at Walter Reed Hospital in our nation’s capital, Dan is the son of an Army officer, of English origin. Being an “Army Brat” he couldn’t really nail down any specific place as “where I grew up” but Hawaii probably comes closest, as that is where they were posted for five years and he completed high school.
A constant through the frequent military postings, was music in the family (a brother and three sisters). Both his father and grandfather are accomplished pianists so singing around the piano was a family staple. Not surprisingly, his own two girls, Ava and Sophia are both accomplished on the piano. Dan…not so much. But he did play trumpet in his high school band and later marched with the Fighting Irish band at Notre Dame, where he earned a degree in Architecture, completing a five year program of study.

Dan says he never wavered in his desire, from earliest childhood, to be an architect. He wanted to design houses, he likes to design houses, and designing houses is what he has been doing for nineteen years, at an architectural firm (Peter Swindley & Associates) in Bellevue, just a few blocks from our rehearsal hall. Doing just what he always wanted to do must be what accounts for his friendly demeanor and always helpful spirit.
In 2002, by then married and with two young daughters, Dan was invited by an uncle (a member of BHS in Florida) to meet him in Portland for the International BHS Convention and Competition. Dan came home deeply impressed and determined to get more music in his life. He soon showed up on Northwest Sound’s doorstep and before long was more than just a singing member.

With creativity oozing from him, it seems house designs frequently give way to other creative endeavors, and Northwest Sound is often the beneficiary. At the mere mention of the word “show” Dan’s juices start flowing. He has been show chairman multiple times, written countless scripts, designed sets, printed the program prompts that are placed on the stage to remind us what the song order is, and on and on goes the list of things that flow from this designer extraordinaire. Oh, did I mention…he’s not a bad tenor either.

Dan has participated in several quartets over his ten plus years with the chorus, though not currently competing in any. You’ll find Dan on the staff at Harmony Explosion every summer and probably has better attendance taking his daughter Sophie to A-Joy rehearsals than some of use do at ours. This has made for a beneficial relationship between our two groups and also facilitated bringing romance back into his life after a failed marriage. Dan is currently “seeing” Kay Macrosson, Tenor of Frenzy…yea you know that dazzling group that headlined with KVU on our show this summer.

Singer, designer, creative consultant, doting father, youth harmony supporter…all that remains is for you to discover perhaps his greatest talent: This is a guy you want to get to know a little deeper than just a quick hand shake at rehearsal. When you do, you’ll relish saying “Keating? Yea I know him…Dan is my friend.”