Jeff Uehling

Although Jeff Uehling was born in Chicago, his family immediately moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he spent his elementary school years.  His family moved again to Rhode Island, where he spent most of his high school years then returned to Atlanta for college, and graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in aeronautical engineering. One of his passions has been airplanes so he was fortunate to have had a full career working for the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company where a good part of his work was in design of the so called “next generation” 737 series.  It is with a certain pride that Jeff can point to a number of parts on these airplanes that he considers “his.”

After moving to Seattle Jeff was lucky enough to meet his wife Sherry (a Seattle native) one sunny day on Vashon Island.  They subsequently raised two children and their son has a degree in Mechanical engineering, is now married, and lives and works in Vancouver Washington.  Jeff’s daughter has pursued her own passion, and is currently a professional ballet dancer, living and working in California.

Music was always fascinating to Jeff, and although he studied classical guitar and took some music theory classes in high school, he didn’t spend much time on music during his working years.

Besides his musical foray with NWS, Jeff thinks he may have too many hobbies, (is that possible?) but two major interests are boating and bicycling.  Long distance touring cycling has been a big interest and after college graduation he completed a transcontinental ride from Atlanta Georgia to Tillamook Oregon.  A few years later, he and Sherry cycled through much of New Zealand. Recently, though, their cycling has been more local on a tandem bicycle.  Sherry and Jeff have also spent many days on the seemingly endless waterways of the Pacific Northwest in their sailboat “Little Owl.”

We can thank Ira Allen for inviting Jeff to try our sing sing! Sing! program in 2013 and he has greatly enjoyed standing in the middle of all the great harmony.