Cory Dries

Always be careful at the senior center, or you might just get conscripted. This is precisely what happened to our friend Corey Dries when he was visiting his grandmother for Father's Day 2014 in British Columbia, where a quartet from the Gentlemen of Fortune was entertaining the residents. With some uncanny insight that Corey doesn't fully comprehend, the group singled him out and asked him to come join their chorus, which Corey couldn't pass up.

While singing with the Gentlemen of Fortune in Vancouver, Corey has made a name for himself as a tenor section lead, board member, webmaster, front row member, and member of the Zero Day Quartet. The group also brought him together with another "Gentleman", Doug Walton, who jointly had the bright idea to join our fantastic chorus when they heard us at district. They both carpool from up north and pick up other NWS members along the way, such as Rick "Killer" Smith.

At just eight years old, Corey realized, while looking around at his unenthused music classmates, that he loved singing a whole lot more than most. He joined his first organized choir in middle school and has been singing ever since, other than a few years while studying computer science at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Corey has lived in Coquitlam, BC his whole life. His parents moved there when they got married and his grandparents had moved to North Vancouver from Holland after World War II. His parents and younger sister all still live in the area. In his free time he plays tennis and golf, plus as a true maple-blooded Vancouverite, he is a Canucks fan.

This fantastic chorus is the obvious place to be, or in Corey's words: "I don't know how anyone can miss this."