Josh Bodner


Josh moved to the northwest in July 2015 where he works as a software engineer on the Microsoft Edge browser at Microsoft   He graduated from The Ohio State University. While there he interned for three summers at Microsoft. They then offered him a full-time position.

Josh grew up in Ohio. He has been in multiple choirs throughout high school and college. For the last ten plus years Josh has been singing non-stop.

When he came to the Seattle area he knew he wanted to continue to sing. He joined a church choir and then one day at work saw an advertisement for the Northwest Sound Chorus’s Sing, Sing, Sing program. Upon joining that in the class of 2015 he knew he had found his home.

Josh lives on the east side and also plays drums. He was a drummer before he was a singer but now he only does that in his apartment which he’s sure his neighbors love. His other activities include typical northwest stuff like yoga and video games.