Roberto Aldaba

Board Member at Large

Roberto moved up to the Seattle area from his native Mexico in 2013 to work at Microsoft as a software engineer and of course to enjoy the famous PNW rain and clouds. He was born in Mexico City but he grew up in Monterrey in northern Mexico. He went to school for IT and Communications Engineering at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and as of 2018 he's working on his online master's degree program there as well.

Roberto's interest in music was rooted in his family's taste in the classics: the Beatles, Queen, and of course, Broadway musicals. He would soak them all in during family jigsaw puzzle days. Both his parents work as electrical engineers and his younger sister is a nutritionist, all back in Mexico. None are musicians but they are all very supportive and enthusiastic about all of Roberto's musical exploits!

An invitation to Northwest Sound's winter Sing Sing Sing was given to Roberto in 2017 by his friend Matt Herbst, who he had met through the United Way Free Tax Prep program. (Author's note: Roberto insisted that this biography state that he calls himself the "Indiana Jones of taxes". The author has never heard this before and cannot corroborate. He does love the puzzles and the challenge of it though, just like Indy I guess?) They both shared an interest in singing although neither had sung with a group when they had met. Once Roberto had tried out singing bass with a real barbershop group, he was hooked, and he deeply appreciates the supportive and educational atmosphere in the chorus and is excited for all the future chorus events and to see how much he can grow.

Outside of singing and cracking a metaphorical whip preparing taxes each spring, Roberto enjoys watching movies and television shows, particularly thought-provoking and adventurous ones. He gravitates towards life's funny and incoherent side, laughing at all things ridiculous. He loves languages (he speaks some German!) and learning the intricacies of singing and pronouncing each of them... so bring on the Icelandic!