Roy Villanueva

Roy Villanueva comes from a family of musicians. Both his parents served the church with their musical talents. His father was a choir director and played piano, guitar, saxophone and violin as well. His mother directed choirs, too, and played piano and organ. Having a piano at home helped his two elder brothers and him to start playing the piano at their early ages.

While studying piano during his early childhood, Roy also started singing with the neighborhood church choir when he was about four years old. During his elementary school years, he shifted his musical education from piano to classical guitar while his choir singing continued until his high school days. As he entered the university, his mother urged him to major in music. However, his eldest brother who sent him to school wanted him to become an electrical engineer. Unfortunately, he stopped his music education to concentrate with his engineering education.

Roy is married to Luz and both are blessed with three children, two of whom are living in San Diego CA. He presently works as a consulting electrical engineer with AECOM whose office is located in downtown Seattle. The division he works for with the company specializes in the design, engineering and construction of hydroelectric dams and power plant facilities. When he is not singing, he spends his time with his other hobby – photography.

For almost three decades, Roy did not sing actively until his three kids started singing with the church choir while living in San Diego, CA since 2003. From then on, he has been active in the music ministry even after the company he works for relocated him to Bellevue in 2009.

After the move to Washington, Roy got invited by his friend in the church to join the Sing Sing Sing program in October 2014. Though he has no previous experience with barbershop singing, he learned to enjoy a capella harmony singing and auditioned in January 2015 to become a proud member of the Northwest Sound Chorus’ lead section