Scott Koppa

For most of this year he has portrayed John Lennon in our “Eight Days…” package. With competition over for now, he’s happy to be back just being Scott, a role he pulls off rather nicely.

Scott was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1961. He has three older brothers and a younger sister came along later.

With his dad a career NCO in the U.S. Air Force, the family seldom resided in one place more than two years. The first place he remembers is Spokane. By age five they had been transferred to Rapid City, South Dakota where Scott attended kindergarten and first grade. Then it was off to Riverside California for second and third, Guam for fourth and fifth, Ft Worth Texas for…well you get the idea. Lots of moving.

“I had to learn how to make friends quickly,” Scott says of the experience.

“Ah, that explains the ever-present smile,” I ventured.

“Yeah, I guess,” he says.

By 1979, the family was once again in Spokane, where Scott graduated from high school. He enrolled in community college in Spokane, with a focus on engineering. With the preliminary credits earned, Scott enrolled in Washington State University, graduating in 1984 with a degree in Physical Metallurgy.

Though Scott’s career as a Cougar overlapped that of our own Kendall Williams, he says their paths never crossed. Well how would he know, with Kendall masquerading as Butch the Cougar in those days?

His first job out of college was with Boeing, working in an electronics R&D lab at Boeing Field. No, it wasn’t metallurgy, but it was challenging work. Scott found a place to live in Federal Way and it was there that he got his first exposure to Barbershop.

Shopping in the Federal Way mall at holiday season, Scott came upon the Federal Way Harmony Kings doing a public performance, and stopped to listen. When the set was over, one of the Kings (Bill Gray) made a bee-line for Scott and simply insisted that he come to a rehearsal and “check this out”. You can probably guess the rest from there.

Before long, Scott, now a Harmony Kings member himself, was in a quartet (“Harmony ala Kings”) that got a gig with a theater company in Auburn. The show was “Music Man.” During that run Scott met Kathleen, who was playing the irrepressible Eulalie Mackechnie in the musical. They were married in 1991.

A son (Jordan) was born to Scott and Kathleen in 1994. Scott was also busy during this time furthering his education, this time pursuing his interest in psychology. That degree (this time from the University of Washington) came in 1999.

“You must be terribly conflicted on Apple Cup Day,” I suggested.

“Not at all,” he says, “My team always wins.” And with that response, Scott revealed another reason for his winning smile: A positive outlook that ignores the counter proposition.

In 2002 Kathleen was ready to further her education. They moved to Pullman where she earned her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Meanwhile Scott busied himself earning his third and fourth college degrees: a bachelor’s in Mathematics and a master’s in Secondary Education.

When they moved back to the Puget Sound area in 2007, settling in Fall City, Scott taught math in the Mt. Si school district and Kathleen began her veterinary practice. Later Scott found his way back to Boeing, where he remains, now as a contract negotiator.

He eventually found his way back to Barbershop Harmony too. Scott joined Northwest Sound in 2012, where he is much more than just a smiling face in the front row.