Upcoming Events

Including Shows!


Northwest Sound would usually have an annual Spring show in June, but to support social distancing during this difficult time, this year's show was canceled. Keep an eye out for a spring show in 2022.


A Celebration of Christmas

It’s been a tough year and we need a lot of Christmas, so Northwest Sound is already brushing up our holiday repertoire.

To ensure no ear, no heart goes untouched this holiday season, we’re expecting to do our ring-ting-tingling live and following the latest pandemic safety practices – and inviting you to ring-ting-tingle too!

You can get tickets through out Ticket Page or directly from the Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center!


We expect our next contest performance will be in the Spring of 2022 at the Division II convention, and from there we'll go to the International competition in Charlottesville, VA, July 3rd through 10th. Come cheer us on, OR.. if you like to sing and think you've got a competitive nature needing satisfying, visit our rehearsal!