Music Team

Ken Potter
Musical Director

Ken is a professional musician with a long history in voice instruction, arranging, and choral directing. He also has a long, very successful history in barbershop harmony. Over the past 25 years in the Society he has performed with some of the most successful groups to grace the international stage.

Bill Hickman
Bass Section Leader

Bill Hickman is the barbershop vagabond of Northwest Sound. The son of a professional musician, Bill was raised in Sparks, Nevada and worked his way through the University of Nevada as a musician and then left music altogether and began a 30 year career with the US Navy. It was more than a decade later that his wife decided he needed a hobby and found a local barbershop chorus for him to join in Fairfax, Virginia.

Ed Springgate
Tenor Section Leader

Paul Renhard
Lead Section Leader

Say hello to Paul Renhard. You will see, and hear, Paul blowing the pitches for songs during rehearsals and performances. This takes a high degree of skill and attention to detail as the “pitchman” must know the keys of all songs and the key changes that happen within songs and be able to put them out when the director needs them. It isn’t a job for the faint of heart. “Well,” Paul says, “Kenny reminds me.”

Sean Kelly
Baritone Section Leader

Barbershop is in Sean Kelly’s blood. When he was nine or ten years old his dad got him started with Northwest Sound. His dad would bring him and he came to rehearsals whenever his mom and dad would let him stay out that late. He sang in a couple of district contests and remembers putting on the stage makeup that we used in those days. If he did that he was really hooked!