“How Can I Help Northwest Sound?”

You can provide a gift to the Northwest Sound Endowment Fund in a variety of ways:

  • Your donation can be in the form of cash, securities or a bequest.
  • It can be on a one time basis.
  • Periodically on a monthly or annually basis.
  • As a directive in the will of the donor.
  • Additionally, the donor can specify how they would like their gift to be used to
    benefit the music education of the chorus.

An endowment gift connects you to the Northwest Sound Men’s Chorus, our development and education in significant and powerful ways.

Donations can come from individuals, families, businesses even corporate sponsors. Anyone interested in promoting the quality growth of a cappella harmony in our community may be assured that their gift to the Endowment Fund
will contribute to our mission of changing lives through the power of choral music.

“What is the Northwest Sound Endowment Fund?”

The Northwest Sound Endowment Fund exists to support the music education of the members of the Bellevue Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

In 1993 when the Kirkland Chapter joined with the Bellevue Chapter and sold their rehearsal venue known as “Skipper Hall,” the proceeds were used to form the Northwest Sound Trust Fund. The fund did not specify how,
when or how much of the principal could be spent over time.

In 2017, the trustees converted the fund to an endowment fund. In this way the principal is preserved by using only it’s earnings to pursue its mission.

”How does the Northwest Sound Endowment Fund work?”

The endowment fund provides the chorus with the ability to continue the journey toward becoming one of the premier a cappella men’s choruses in the country.

Your endowment gift is vital to the music education of chorus members, but it is only one component of their full development as competitors and performers.
“How does the Northwest Sound Endowment Fund benefit and enhance the chorus?”

Your contributions to the Northwest Sound Endowment Fund are used to support music education opportunities for the Northwest Sound Men’s Chorus, such as:

  • Attendance at Harmony College and Harmony University.
  • Hiring the best coaches.
  • Director and assistant director training.
  • Vocal training.
  • Hiring coaches/trainers for performance and singing, and vocal health

Your donations have achieved significant improvements to the Northwest Sound Men’s Chorus and these chorus improvements continue to attract many outstanding singers from the Western Washington community.

“How can you provide a gift to the Fund?”

To learn how you can contribute, send an email to [email protected] or send postal mail to the address listed below. One of our Trustees will contact you confidentially.