Dan Meyer

Dan Meyer has been a barbershopper since 1986 when he was invited to attend a San Gabriel Valley chapter meeting with a co-worker.  While he's moved around the country a bit, his love for singing barbershop and a cappella music has seen him on stages with the Los Angeles chapter and the Bryn Mawr Mainliners before becoming a founding member of A Cappella Pops in 2000.  As a member of the Mainliners, he attended the BHS Directors College for the first time and was an assistant director for the Mainliners and A Cappella Pops before becoming the front-line director of the Wilmington, DE Chorus of the Brandywine. He joined Northwest Sound in 2014 after moving from the Philadelphia are to the Pacific Northwest.  Over the years, he's also sung in numerous quartets, currently singing Lead in Vocal Vintage and bass with Northwest Mix. After BHS established the "Everyone In Harmony" program, Dan developed a plan and established the Northwest Mix chorus within the Bellevue Chapter.  As chapter webmaster, he relies on skills he developed in his career as software engineer.